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Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings On Sale!

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With the technological advances made in jewelry manufacturing, there are a range of new metals available.

Mens tungsten rings are a good example. Although the metal has been around in industrial manufacturing for some time, it is not as well known for use in jewelry manufacturing. Tungsten is a very strong and dense metal. Its melting point of 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit which is the highest of all metals.

However, mens tungsten rings would easily scratch without being combined with a carbon alloy. The alloy gives the ring amazing hardness, as adding it turns the metal into tungsten carbide. 

It has been estimated that tungsten carbide wedding rings are about four times harder than titanium wedding rings. Tungsten carbide is reported to be twice as hard as steel.

The metal can be crafted into tungsten carbide wedding bands that are very elegant, yet strong enough to withstand tough everyday use. This makes tungsten carbide wedding rings and bands particularly suitable for men, who are renowned for being a bit tougher on jewelry than women generally are.

To damage mens tungsten rings would require considerable abuse such as being smashed repeatedly with a hammer, or perhaps being worn repeatedly on a finger alongside diamonds. As you will be aware, diamonds can be particularly abrasive.

Warning: Before you buy tungsten carbide wedding bands ask the jeweler if cobalt has been used in the binding or finishing process. Cobalt is sometimes used because it makes the jewelry less expensive to produce. However, cobalt bonds with oils from the skin. This can cause oxidation which no amount of polishing will removed. It would be very disappointing if you bought a pair of matching tungsten carbide wedding rings only to have this happen.

Using a ‘nickel binder’ tungsten carbide is the better option as it will not oxidize. It will also be hypoallergenic so will not irritate your skin.

So, if you are buying ladies or mens tungsten rings ask the jeweller (or online jewelry store), if a nickel binder or cobalt has been used in the manufacture. If they can’t answer your question then one might assume cobalt has been used.

As already mentioned tungsten carbide is incredibly hard which is good and bad. If you are buying matching tungsten carbide wedding bands you’ll discover they can’t be sized like other metals such as silver, gold or platinum bands. You will just need to be careful in determining the correct size before committing.

If you want your names, or the marriage date, engraved on your tungsten carbide wedding rings, then be aware this can pose problems. Traditional engraving can be hard to read (as it is appears faint), however the newer laser equipment may solve the problem. Ask your jeweler for advice.

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