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gold wedding ring bands 


Gold rings are generally the most universal for weddings and even engagements. When you are buying gold jewelry you can select the quality depending on how much money you want to invest. As an example mens gold wedding bands are available in 18k (more expensive), or 14k gold (less expensive).


Until recent years it was usual for the man to buy a gold engagement ring to give while he asked for a hand in marriage. Today countless couples go shopping for wedding ring bands or rings together. This makes sense because if the person wearing the gold band isn't pleased with how it appears he or she will not want to wear it.


Gold is symbolic of purity and that is why it is worn for such significant events like engagements and weddings. Pure gold (24k) is a mark of the purity of the connection and that is the way couples want it to remain. They want their lives jointly to remain just as happy as the day they got married.


For lots of couples, a 18k or 14k gold wedding ring bands (with or without gems) is a way to symbolize a number of years together. They will have likely experienced countless lovely times as well as challenging times on their journey through life together.


Unquestionably there is a wonderful selection of ring bands and, more specifically, mens gold wedding bands, at online jewelry outlets. When selecting 14k or 18k gold wedding ring bands the number of karats will affect the cost appreciably.


Most mens gold wedding bands are not 100% pure gold (24k). Pure gold is very soft and marks easily, so is usually mixed with other an array of other metals such as iron and copper. 18k gold is 75% gold and 14k gold is 58.3% gold. There is no shortage of selection when it comes to 10k, 14k or 18k gold rings. Many males prefer plain gold wedding ring bands with no diamond or gemstone inset.


Some prefer to have a diamond, or another style of gem, placed on it as well. Mens gold wedding bands are generally wider than ladies bands. You can have it custom made at your local jewelry store.


Custom made rings can be much more expensive than buying something readymade off the shelf. A 14k or 18k gold ring can be worn proudly for many years, so it is usually worth paying for quality and individuality.


I forgot to mention, 10k gold is 41.7% pure gold so is typically less expensive than 18k or 14k gold jewelry. 10 karat gold is the minimum karat (k) that can still be labelled as gold in the USA. As mentioned earlier, 18k gold rings and 14k gold bands have more pure gold so are priced accordingly.

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