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Where to Buy Harley Davidson Wedding Rings

harley davidson wedding rings harley davidson ring

harley davidson wedding ring

If you and your significant other plan on being married and love riding Harleys, why not choose to purchase Harley Davidson wedding rings instead of the plain, traditional types of wedding rings? Personalizing your wedding with a Harley theme is a unique way to individualize your special day and make it stand out among other weddings. In addition to Harley Davidson wedding rings, Harley Davidson also makes a wide assortment of items which can contribute to the ambience of your wedding.

 Harley Davidson wedding rings are available in a variety of styles which are also imprinted with the familiar Harley Davidson logo. Some of the designs for these distinctive rings include:

• skull and crossbones
• wedding bands with tire tread patterns
• rings displaying wing accents
• bike chain wedding rigns
• personally engraved wedding rings

For the guys, wedding bands are made from 14k yellow and white gold, or all white gold if requested, and contain varying amounts of diamonds, from 15 carats to 60 carats. Men can also get their choice of lapis, black onyx, opal or turquoise inlay along with the selecting what type of etching they may want on their ring. Ladies wedding bands have the same characteristics as men's rings but are less bold and not as thick-cut. However, you can opt to purchase matching wedding band sets if you like that contain the same amount of diamonds and yellow or white gold. These sets are referred to as "unisex" sets and are frequently chosen as wedding rings by Harley fans.

Purchasing Harley Davidson wedding rings can be done via the internet or at your local Harley-Davidson store. Syd Curtis Designs is an online site offering Harley wedding rings that have been created by a reputable jewelry designer. This site also provides Harley necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from high quality yellow or white gold. Although prices are a little high, the merchandise is first-rate and sure to please the bride and groom wanting Harley wedding bands.

Other sites offer Harley-Davidson wedding rings created from titanium and sterling silver at much lower prices but with the same quality expected from Harley-Davidson products. They may also provide other designs, such as flames or hearts, in addition to the popular wings or skulls that many Harley enthusiasts embrace as part of their free-spirited culture.

Whether you are searching for wedding rings or simply want to add to your collection of Harley-Davidson jewelry, Harley Davidson wedding rings are the perfect life-long gift to give to that very special person.

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