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As accessories go, watches are the most popular form. They are universal, utilitarian, and classic. For years, the watch has been the favored accessory for men. It is rare to see a man without a wristwatch. 


There are different types of watches, as well. Standard utility watches and divers watches are popular, but the most purchased watches are dress watches men wear. These watches are elegant and resilient, as well as useful. They give a sense of purpose and refinement and go perfectly with a suit and tie.  


There are many different designs, manufacturers, and retailers. There are different ways to find the watch you are looking for, and there is a perfect watch just for you.

The main thing that you will need to know when shopping for perfect dress watches men wear is what you are looking for in a wristwatch because different watches have different looks and the designs are all very different. Generic men’s dress watches made by companies like George can be found at your local retailer. However, the more exotic watches are a harder find. Knowing what you like, or what the person you are buying it for will like, is very important. Remember that different wristwatches say different things about a person, and the first three things that people notice about a man is his clothes, shoes, and watch.

Clothes make the man, and watches make the clothes. A watch that is too big, or too flashy, says about the man that he is over the top and bigger then life. Not a bad thing, but it also means that he is not always dependable and too worried about self image. A watch that is playful says that the man does not take a lot seriously. Again, this is not a bad thing, but it also says that the man is not very reliable. A medium sized, sleek, modest watch will tell people that he is a man of discerning taste and a man of means. He is well groomed and concerned about how people see him, but only enough that he makes sure to make the right impressions. Bulova and Dufonte, as well as Armitron and Hamlin, manufacture beautiful, modest, and elegant dress watches men like to wear.

A rectangular faced watch with classic black band designed by Lucien Piccard and manufactured by Dufonte, is a great example of a watch that is designed for elegance and luxury. This wrist watch is in a standard classic design from the 1950's and features a silver subdial.  


Bulova produces a beautiful, sleek, silver toned, round faced dress watch with diamonds set in to the twelve number markers. It is water resistant up to one hundred feet and features a stainless steel band clasp that is hidden to give a clean line.  


Armitron and Hamlin also produce a sleek, round faced dress watch men. Armitron offers a two-toned, multifunction and a gold single-function watch, while Hamlin offers a beautiful dress watch men with a round titanium face and dial with a black, mesh band.

Other companies; like Timex and Caravelle, also produces beautiful dress watches men wear. It is, however, up to your needs. What you like in a watch is what you will want for yourself.  


If you are buying as a gift, think about the kind of person you are buying for. The color, shape, and design are all very important when buying a dress watch men will wear, but not nearly as important as the message that you want the watch to say about you.  
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