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Swiss Army Watches Men Want On Sale

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For nearly 125 years, Victorinox has been manufacturing everything from pocket knives to clothes, and even fragrances. However, their most notable mark is made on the world of timepieces. Watches are a popular accessory for a man. It is one of the few accessories that a man has, and Victorinox covers men’s needs with Swiss Army watches men use. Best known for fitting multiple tools into a single small package, Swiss Army watches reinvents the wrist watch. They offer multiple styles with different designs and have watches that fit the needs of any man. From active to professional, and classic to mechanical, there is a watch for every need.

For the active man, Victorinox has made Swiss Army watches men own in different formats depending on the needs of the wearer. All of their watches feature quartz movement and hardened Mineral crystal face cover as a standard. However, each design comes with its own set of specialized extras.  


The Convoy design offers tow different styles, the standard Convoy and the Convoy Chrono. The Convoy Chrono comes in several different designs. Each design offers luminous hands as well as hour markers, a Tachymeter scale, water resistance up to three hundred and fifty feet, as well as a chronograph that measures in half hour, sixty second, and 1/10th second increments.  


ST Collection offers some of these incredible gadgets, as well as a digital compass with heading memory and a Rotating Compass Rose with an eight-point led North indication system. The Night Vision model offers the standard options with an LED flashlight built in. These watches come with rubber bands or stainless steel bands.

For the professional, Victorinox offers three different designs. The Airboss is designed with the basics in mind, but is given a sleek and inviting look. With several different models of the same watch, there are a lot of things that need to be covered.  


The Airboss Mach Four offers a fifty-six hour power reserve, and a manual-winding system. The Mach Seven comes with a date calendar. The Mach Three Chrono comes standard with a chronograph measuring twelve hour, sixty minute, and 1/10th second increments. There are four different styles to the Mach Six. Two of them offer a self-winding system and a third offers a self-winding system with a forty-two hour power reserve and an indicator on the face.  


All of the Airboss designs come standard with a leather band. Also among the professional designs are the Alpnach and the Dive Master 500m. These sleek designs come with everything that a discerning professional in any field would need.

There are many other design that are popular. Watches with alarms and leather bands, watches made from titanium, as well as mechanical, chronograph, and mechanical chronograph. These Swiss Army watches men have exude elegance and style and make perfect gifts. They are beautiful and functional, the best any man would want out of a watch. Theseswiss army watches men wear stand above all other models and designs.

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