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Shopping for mens bracelets may seem like a simple task, but it really is not. Remember that a woman has different tastes in jewelry then a man. Most women will prefer diamonds and gold over anything else. A man is a bit more practical and, so, not nearly as easy to please. 


However, while the bracelet is a gift that a man would enjoy, picking the correct style and color is important. Most mens gold and mens white gold bracelets share designs. Basically, if you can find the design you like in gold, you will also find it in mens white gold bracelets. However, the design is not as important as whether to go with gold or white gold men’s bracelets.  


Different designs and colors will appeal to different people depending on their dress style, personality and age grouping. Most males like white gold which seems to enjoy wide appeal across the spectrum. Pendants, rings, mens white gold bracelets and wristbands are popular gifts for: husbands, boy friends, uncles, brothers, nephews, sons, grandsons, fathers, and grandfathers.  

Mens white gold bracelets are a bit more striking then yellow gold and tend to stand out a little more. There are also other things to take into consideration, as well, that is, the quality of the gold. 


Gold's quality is measured in Karats. The number is a representation of the percentage of actual gold in the mens white gold bracelets. The higher the number, the more pure gold is in it, and the softer the metal becomes. For a man, fourteen karats is a good starting point. Anything higher and it will be too soft. Ten karats can be optimal because it is more durable.

It is also important to know the difference between mens white gold bracelets and men’s white gold plated bracelets. Plated and electro-plated is a process of putting a thin overlay of the metal on top of a different metal, usually stainless steel. While it is authentic gold that is used as the plating, it is still not real gold. Most manufacturing companies positively mark their jewelry if it is plated.  


Another step in getting the perfect mens white gold bracelets is to make sure that it fits the person that it is intended for. Know their wrist size and you should be fine. Some mens bracelets have adjustable sizing and some are fixed sizing. 


Also, the thicker and wider the mens white gold bracelets the better. Thicker chains are typically stronger and tend to make the hands look more masculine.  


It is also important to know what the functioning parts are comprised of. Knowing whether mens bracelets have a latch or an elastic band can make a great difference. If it has elastic, it could be easier to put on by simply slipping it over the man’s hand.

When looking for the perfect mens white gold bracelets, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Knowing what kind of linking design they like is very important. It is also good to know the size of the wrist and the width of the bracelet that he will prefer. Most men are not going to want anything to flashy and will want to keep the jewelry designs simple.

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