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In local jewelry stores and in online jewelry stores the selection of mens gold chains is extensive and savings can be up to 80% off the standard retail prices. This is because mens gold chains are so very popular these days, that the competition among jewelry retails is strong. Prices vary from just a few dollars up to several thousand dollars depending on the quality and style you want.

Apart from just looking for the lowest jewelry prices, you will need to consider the quality of the gold, gems and craftsmanship of the jewelry manufacturer. How much you spend will also depend on who you are buying the mens gold chain for, whether it is for spouse, or loved one, a close friend or family member. The nature of the special occasion might also influence how much you want to pay – be it a for a wedding gift, prom night gift, engagement present, graduation gift or as a birthday gift for someone special.

There are some wonderful timeless classic designs in mens gold chains, as well as so very modern and unusual styles. A lot will depend on the personality of the gift’s recipient. The important thing is to decide what quality of gold and craftsmanship you are prepared to pay for, as the cheaper mens gold necklaces are not of the same quality as the more expensive mens gold necklaces.

Here are big jewelry savings found on the internet starting from the lowest priced mens gold necklaces up to the more expensive necklaces:

List Price: $260.00 On Sale: $139.95 .95mm Square Snake Chain

This classic Square Mens Snake Chain necklace is a sleek and elegant way to showcase your favorite gold charm, but is also sophisticated on its own. This mens snake chain necklace makes a great gift for a friend, or and indulgent purchase for you. This mens snake chain is available in 14k and 18k yellow.

List Price: $340.00 On Sale: $219.95 2mm Diamond Cut Rope Chain

This 2mm Diamond Mens Cut Rope Chain necklace is handsomely crafted in 14kt yellow gold and is an ideal accompaniment for your brand new gold charm or pendant. This men’s chain necklace has a fine twisted style which is an excellent support for Italian Crosses and other gold charms. The diamond cut rope chain also shines beautifully on its own.

List Price: $490.00 On Sale: $279.95 2.5mm Diamond Cut Rope Chain

Here is a Classic Diamond Cut Rope Chain Necklace that is handsomely crafted in polished 14kt yellow gold. This rope chain is perfect for everyday wear. It can be worn alone, or paired with your favorite gold charm or pendant to enhance the look of any wardrobe.

List Price: $620.00  On Sale: $349.95 4mm Flat Mariner Chain

The 14k yellow gold glitters in this Flat Mariner Mens Chain Necklace. As a complement to a suit or a hint of elegance for a casual outfit, this Mariner mens chain is the perfect solution. Give the gift of gold.

List Price: $2,104.00 On Sale: $1,459.00 14K Yellow Gold 6.0 mm Wide Prime Link Concave Marine Link Men’s Chain Necklace

Invest in fine gold and enhance your jewelry collection with the classic look of this sparkling 14-karat yellow gold Marine Chain Necklace. This beautiful, elegant 14 Karat yellow gold fancy Italian style Marine link chain necklace measures 16 inches and is 6.0 millimeters wide. This stunning piece of jewelry has a highly polished finish and secures with an equally sophisticated 14 Karat lobster clasp.

A Marine link has a chain link resembling a flat oval with a flat bar in the middle of the ring. A figogucci or figarucci chain is a variation of a marine link chain. This exquisite fancy link chain will be a welcome addition to any jewelry collection. Weight will vary based on length. This Chain is made from the finest Pure Solid 14 Karat Yellow Gold, NOT PLATED, and is stamped to indicate that the item is truly pure Yellow Gold

List Price: $7,650.00 On Sale: $3,969.95 8mm Miami Cuban Link Chain

Masterfully crafted, this unique Miami Cuban Link Chain is surprisingly elegant, made up of a sturdy, heavy chain. It features a slide clasp with double latch for extra security. It is both masculine and stylish, and available in white gold as well as yellow gold. This mens chain necklace is an indulgent gift for a loved one or a richly deserved self reward. Give the gift of gold.

Shop online at jewelry stores for savings of up to 80% on mens gold chains.

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