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In ancient times, men's earrings were taken as a form of artwork. These days to look fashionable lots of guys wear earrings and many wear mens diamond earrings.

As jewelry and ear piercing for gentlemen started to become fashionable, many males started off by sporting a single stud in one ear only. During that time, it was considered a taboo for men to wear studs or hoops in both of their ears, or even in just right ear. How times have changed! These days you can see many men with more holes in their ears than the ladies. Even mens diamond earrings are becoming more popular by the day. Ear piercing for men is a world-wide practice.

Now, it is not only nicely-groomed urban men who are seen wearing men’s jewelry, in particular mens earrings, but men from all walks of live are buying jewelry for themselves. The great thing with mens diamond earrings is that you can wear them in most places from restaurants, to having a fancy dinner party or impressing your special lady at a date.

Be it mens diamond earrings, men’s gold earrings, platinum, semi-precious stones, or even silver, men's earrings have become an acceptable aspect of mens jewellery. Some men prefer mens hoop earrings that connect to a thin wire attachment through the man’s ear. For the guy who really wants to turn the eyes, a set of  mens diamond hoop earring will get noticed.

Search online and you will find a number of jewelry stores selling mens earrings and diamond jewelry accessories. Here are some mens diamond earring we found featured at online jewelry stores. Some prices were 80% off retail and jewelry prices ranged from under $100 to $2,000 upwards. Jewelry stores located in the USA and UK for comparison:

On sale at £44.95 is a Men’s Diamond Titanium Stud Earring. Unless you are talking anatomy or garage space, smaller is inevitably better; and this titanium earring is a feat of engineering. The 2-point, brilliant-cut diamond is winched into a polished orb of titanium to deliver maximum reflection. The look is neat, compact, and deceptively big-bucks. Sold individually the 6mm diameter, 2-point diamond, hypoallergenic titanium is delivered in a designer presentation box.

Another UK retailer advertises a stunning single Mens Diamond Earring for £235.00 in 18K Yellow Gold. This piece of jewelry (jewellery in the UK) has a claw setting with 0.25 of H/Si quality Diamonds.

On sale at $199 (a saving of $199) is a Men's White Gold and Prong-set Diamond Square Earring. Described as icy and brilliant, these earrings gleam with the exquisite glow of square settings of 14K white surrounding diamond-studded grids. This is a striking look for the modern man.

On sale at $995 (showing a 78% saving) are 14K Gold Mens Diamond Earrings with a 1.21ctA fabulous showcase of diamond sparkles. These men’s earrings are crafted from polished 14K gold. This pair of diamond earrings features 1.21 ctw of princess cut and baguette cut diamonds. These earrings are available in 14K white, yellow and rose gold.

Many male earrings are sold separately like the Men's Single 14k White Gold Claw Prong Diamond Stud Earring (0.50 ctw.). Designed to minimize obtrusion of its diamond, this men's stud earring is a subtle yet stunning piece of jewelry. They feature a brilliantly faceted, 1/2 carat, H/SI-1 diamond supported by a claw-prong setting designed for men in solid 14k white gold. They are secured by a friction-post push backing for pierced ears. This set of mens diamond earrings is priced at $1495.

So, as you can see, whether you are looking for men’s stud earrings, or mens hoop earrings, they come in a range of diamond settings.

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