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Leather Bracelets For Men On Sale!

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The world of fashion is no longer exclusively to women, as males become more fashion conscious and aware of how fashion can reflect their personality. 


Jewelry is now an accepted accessory and part of the fashionable man’s attire. There are leather bracelets for men, men’s rings, watches, men’s necklaces, mens leather wristbands, earrings, and studs available in range of prices and styles. Some of the best buys are in leather bracelets for men with prices as low as $13 up to several hundred dollars. There are savings on leather bracelets for men of up to 58% off list retail price. 


Even though accessories and details are a normal part of clothing for many men, there are others who are uncomfortable wearing jewelry that is too obvious. They may not like wearing a gold chain, diamond ring, or big brand name watch. A lot of men like to be fashionable without being too flashy. 


That is why leather bracelets for men and mens leather wristbands are becoming very popular. They are stylish without looking feminine or flashy. Leather bracelets with sterling silver, white gold, or stainless steel in black and brown look masculine and a very reasonable priced. They also match well and tone in with most clothing outfits including shoes, belts, and scarves. 


A mans leather bracelet can help him feel at ease in casual, trendy, or more formal attire. Leather bracelets are the perfect versatile mens jewelry accessory to fit any occasion. Most leather wristbands and bracelets are made from the finest imported leather from the Middle East and Italy. Depending on the style, some wristbands and bracelets can be they can be engraved with a personal message.  


Here are some good buys in leather bracelets for men found in online jewelry stores: 


On sale at $23 (that’s right – only $23!) is a braided red-brown leather ID bracelet with an engravable stainless steel clasp. You can select from etched in (traditional style), or laser engraving on the front and back. This 7 1/2 inch men’s wristband ID bracelet is stylish and lightweight and ideal for casual wear. 


On sale at $25 is a four strand black leather bracelet that can be personalized. A monogram, symbol or personalized message can be engraved (front and back) on the stainless steel charm attached to the wristband. This leather bracelet comes in several sizes: 6.5 inch, 7 inch, 7.5 inch, and 8 inch length.  


On sale at $13 is a beautifully styled leather and hemp bracelet. It comes in a rich dark brown color and adjusts from 6.5 to 9 inches. This men’s leather bracelet has a polished surgical stainless steel plaque engraved with the message “Don't mind me. I'm in MentalPause”. The bracelet is not waterproof. 


On sale at $59.95 in the leather bracelets for men range is a Celtic Love Knot Silver and Black Leather Bracelet. It has no beginning and no end, so represents infinity and the unending love binding two people. This 8 inches long leather bracelet wristband is unisex and suitable for both men and women. It is handmade from braided raw black leather and ‘900’ silver. The quality of the braided leather can be affected by moisture and perfumes.  


Reduced from $77.90 to $49.95 is a black braided men’s leather bracelet with a magnetic clasp for easy use. This 2-cord braided leather bracelet loops at the wrist to join with the stainless steel magnetic clasp.  


At a whopping 58% saving off list price is a men’s round brown cord leather bracelet wristband at just $29.95 – down from $71.90. This is a genuine Italian leather bracelet and features five quality round leather cords linked together with satin magnetic stainless steel clasp giving it a natural and contemporary feel. This mens leather bracelet is soft and comfortable to wear, and an ideal gift.  


At $39.95 down from $55.00 is a double round flat black leather bracelet. It is soft and smooth with a stainless steel magnetic clasp. Any man will be impressed with the fashionable and functional styling.  


On sale at $49.95 (normal list price $89.95) is a black braided leather bracelet for men. It has an open-heart sterling silver clasp with a cz diamond. 


In summary, leather bacelets are a great fashion item and jewelry accessory for men, and they are very good value for money from online jewellers.

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